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Nature calls. Look up, look out and listen.

About Leola Durant Photography

It All Begins With Nature

When God made man, He put him in a garden and not a house. I seek the peace and the freedom that the outdoors bring.

Fun Filled Photography

I love the challenge that comes with wildlife photography. It's so exciting to stand with a group of photographers, waiting for that moment when we may finally get the flight shot of a Raptor. 

Bring The Outdoors Indoors

Nature is soothing, nature is healing, everyone should surround themselves with it, and when you are unable to go outdoors, its also nice to be surrounded by the beauty indoors. Why not have it on every wall, to brighten up your mind today.

Leola Durant Photography


Vasco: I love the website and I look forward to seeing more landscape photos.

Juliet K: Fantastic, stunning, amazing, absolutely beautiful...you are truly blessed.