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We face many hurricanes in our lives and not all are weather related. We can face emotional hurricanes, problems with drugs or just trouble facing the unknown. Many hurricanes are before us. While we are talking about the weather, many lives are crumbling, because they cannot face the many hurricanes that's before them. How To Withstand A Cat. 5+ Hurricane give simple but valuable things which we can all do. We only have to BELIEVE.


There are many great reasons why we kneel, and in this video I mention a few of them.


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Goodness Gracious, Goodness Still Exists

Two Cardinals Display Love

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Backyard Birding


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Cute Baby Raccoon

A baby raccoon runs up the tree to get out of our way.

Audience With An Eagle

This juvenile eagle called this park home for a month, before continuing his migrating trip across the lake.

Answered Prayer: A Testimonial

I made a request of the Lord, and He saw fit to answer me.

This is a short trailer to my video , "Answered Prayer: "

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Nurtured By Nature

In this video I speak about discovering the beauty of nature for the first time, while my husband was recovering from chemotherapy. 

Looking For Eden

Looking For Eden is the name of my YouTube channel. It's about leaving all negativity behind, and looking only for the good and the positive that exist in everyone around us. It's about showing love instead of hatred. It's about moving toward a positive direction, and moving away from all positive.